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Pcgameswindows makes this Site including all information, graphics, documents, text, games and all other elements of the Site and all products offered on this Site and service operated through the Site (“Service”), available for your use subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this document. By accessing and using this Site, use of any Pcgameswindows ‘s Service available through this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms of Use and all terms and conditions contained and/or referenced herein or any additional terms and conditions set forth on this Site and all such terms shall be deemed accepted by you. If you do NOT agree to all these Terms of Use, you should NOT use this Site and/or Service. If you do not agree to any additional specific terms which apply to particular Content (as defined below) or to particular transactions concluded through this Site, then you should NOT use the part of the Site, which contains such Content or through which such transactions may be concluded and you should not use such Content or conclude such transactions.

The following restrictions and conditions apply to the use of Service and creating and maintaining the Account (as such term defined below):

  1. You shall not create an account in connection with the Site and/or Service (an “Account”), or access Service if you are under the age of 13;
  2. You shall monitor your Account to restrict use by minors, and you shall deny access to children under the age of 13. You accept full responsibility for any unauthorized use of Service by minors in connection with your Account. You are solely responsible for any use of your credit card or other payment instrument (e.g. PayPal) by minors;
  3. You shall not create an Account or use Service if you are a convicted sex offender;
  4. You shall not have an Account or use Service if you have previously been removed by Pcgameswindows or previously have been banned from playing any Pcgameswindows ’s games;
  5. You shall not use Service if you are located in a country embargoed by the United States or if you are a resident of any nation that is on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals.
  6. You shall use your Account only for non-commercial purposes;
  7. You shall not use your Account to advertise, solicit, or transmit any commercial advertisements, including chain letters, junk e-mail or repetitive messages (spim and spam) to any other user or third party;
  8. You shall not use your Account to engage in any illegal conduct; and
  9. You shall not sublicense, rent, lease, sell, trade, gift, bequeath or otherwise transfer your Account to anyone without Pcgameswindows ’s written permission;
  10. You shall not access or use an Account that have been sublicensed, rented, leased, sold, traded, gifted, bequeathed, or otherwise transferred from the original Account creator without Pcgameswindows ’s consent.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Pcgameswindows may refuse to provide Services to any person for any reason or no reason whatsoever.

These Terms of Use may be amended by Pcgameswindows upon notice given by one or more of the following means: through the Site at or after you login to your Account, by the email communication to the address provided by you when you setup your Account, or by written mail communication to the address on record for your Account. Failure to provide or maintain accurate or current contact information by you will not avail you from responsibility to comply with these Terms of Use as amended from time to time. Please check the Terms of Use published on this Site regularly to ensure that you are aware of all terms governing your use of this Site. In addition, specific terms and conditions may apply to specific content, games, products, materials, Service or information contained on or available through this Site (the “Content”) or transactions concluded through this Site. Such specific terms may be in addition to these Terms of Use or, where inconsistent with these Terms of Use, only to the extent the content or intent of such specific terms is inconsistent with these Terms of Use, such specific terms will supersede these Terms of Use.

Pcgameswindows reserves the right to make changes or updates with respect to or in the Content of the Site or the format thereof at any time without notice. Pcgameswindows reserves the right to terminate or restrict your access to the Site for any reason whatsoever at its sole discretion.