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Kostenloser Download Ostrich Runners PC-Spiele für Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP

StraussenläuferFree Download Ostrich Runners For Windows.

Kostenloser Download Ostrich Runners PC-Spiele für Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP

Free Download Ostrich Runners PC Games For Windows Full Version und Spielen Sie jetzt und rember es ist Rennspiele For Windows,it’s the best Free PC games for kids, girls and boys!Alle aufgeführten Spiele sind absolut kostenlose Spiele zum Download!

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Funny ostriches once lived happily and light-heartedly on a small green planet in a distant corner of the galaxy.One day, an evil professor from Orion sent his assistant to steal their eggs for his dangerous experiment. Glücklicherweise, the stolen eggs rolled onto the road out of the robber’s holey bag.Play free action game Ostrich Runner and help ostriches return their poor little fledglings back home!

Kostenloser Download Ostrich Runners PC-Spiele für Windows


Ostrich Runner is an incredible free downloadable game which is full of twisted turns, thrill and action for a gamer that is in love with running games. You are an ostrich runner who needs to save as many eggs as possible. Save from what? A villaindoctor Cosmogluxis trying to capture the peaceful Ostrich Planet. Your little ostrich kids are in danger because the professor decided to start from them. He observes the planet from his astro-aircraft to carry out his evil plan with the help of a professional criminal.

This assistant comes to the planet and takes little chicks away from their cradles at night. But the robber made a mistakehe’s forgotten to close the bag with the chicks so they all are falling down as he walks. You and other ostriches follow his track and run as fast as possible.

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