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Download grátis Mysteryville 2 PC Games For Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Mysteryville-2-download-for-pc-windows Download grátis Mysteryville 2 For Windows.

Download grátis Mysteryville 2 For Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Return to Mysteryville and find your missing friend in this fantastic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Journalist Laura Winner decides to take Bill Witowsky up on his offer and sets off for a vacation in a charming little town. Instead of rest and relaxation she finds an incredible mystery waiting for her in Mysteryville 2! Meet the town’s creepy inhabitants, including some new and old faces, as you explore the small town and track down Bill before it’s too late!Nossos jogos para pc farão com que você se divirta em sua vida, volte para tentar Jack the Ripper jogos de pc para windows também.

Free Download Mysteryville 2 PC Games For Windows Full Version e começar a jogar agora e rember é Windows 7 Games Para PC,é o melhor grátis Jogos para PC para as crianças, girls and boys!Todos os jogos listados para Windows são absolutamente grátis para baixar jogos para Windows!Está Jogos de construção,melhores jogos de fazenda, esperamos que você aproveite sua vida com este quebra-cabeça,corridas e jogos de ação não se esqueça desempenhar a sua missão destes jogos gratuitos para PC agora!

Journalist Laura Winner just can’t get enough of the odd little town of Mysteryville. After investigating the riddle of the missing cats in the first Mysteryville adventure, she returns for a visit and in spite of only wanting a relaxing vacation, finds herself sucked into another mystery. Laura comes to Mysteryville on the invitation of old acquaintance Bill Witowsky. However, she arrives in the town to find Bill missing and an art and jewellery auction about to take place organized by the town’s new priest. Could Bill’s disappearance and this auction, which is totally out of character for a small town like Mysteryville, be somehow tied together? It’s up to Laura to find out, with your help of course.

Over the course of the game you’ll get to interact with several of the town’s inhabitants, including some new faces and some who will be familiar from the first game but have assumed new responsibilities in the town. Interacting with these charactersa few standouts being the creepy scientist and the unkempt small-town sheriffare big part of what helps to set Mysteryville 2 apart from other hidden object games.The characters and story that flesh out the experience make Mysteryville 2 a fun ride while it lasts.

Download grátis Mysteryville 2 PC Games For Windows


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