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Jogos grátis para PC Secrets of Rome para Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP

Secrets-of-Rome-download-for-pc-windows Free Download Secrets of Rome For Windows.

Free Download Secrets of Rome For Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Brave Marcus has made up his mind to travel to the motherland of ancient mysteries and legends, the heart of the kingdoms of famous emperors – old and great Rome. To learn all the secrets of this wonderful place and discover the hidden relics he will go deeper into the ruins and feel the Romance Of Rome as it is. Tight streets, long staircases, impressive fountains – where will Marcus find more artifacts?Esperamos que você se divirta com jogos grátis para PC para Windows em e tente Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey pc games para janelas também.

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During his chase of the missing imperial relics he will travel through all corners of Rome, look into every single building and learn many facts about the numerous monuments. And the game is called Romance Of Rome because if Marcus is successful in his journey and finds the stolen relics he’ll get the emperor daughter’s heart. But the question is: will he manage to cope with all the difficulties and pass all the bars alone?

No doubt he’ll need somebody to be his partner in the adventurous and maybe dangerous trip. Would you like to be the second one? You must be attentive and tolerant; you can’t lose your temper or be afraid – just look for the artifacts and help Marcus find Romance Of Rome and his love. You can’t sit and wait for something. The Forum and the Coliseum are waiting for you to come and learn their secrets. The history begins here. Playing this game you’ll solve puzzles and riddles, using your logics and collecting the trophies. Level by level you’ll get closer to the precious treasures of the old civilization. Will you manage to become a winner in this race for the relics?

Free Download Secrets of Rome PC Games For Windows


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